Cloud Services
The constant pressure to simplify and scale infrastructures, and the need for homogenous application ecosystems are transforming the way organisations spend their IT budgets. When these challenges come into play, Cloud is regarded as the main vehicle for reducing IT costs and delivering operational agility, flexibility, and faster time-to-market.

Srsys Inc sees cloud technology as the primary enabler for mobility, enterprise analytics, and the internet of things. Whether deploying new applications in the cloud or integrating public or on-premise services, we help clients use cloud computing to their advantage, by enabling them to incorporate cloud-based solutions and platforms into their specific business environment.

We provide professional services to support every stage of your cloud initiative – from consulting and strategy to development, deployment and operations. Our aim is to align and adapt IT infrastructures to your business vision by addressing all the various aspects of the complex cloud adoption process.

We specialise in:

Cloud Application Services
Srisys Inc’s Cloud Application Services enable you to focus on running your business, leaving the deployment of cloud solutions to our team of engineers. We develop modern applications – including web and mobile, analytics, commerce, and IoT – that leverage leading SaaS technologies.

Application Migration to Cloud
We mitigate the potential risks of cloud adoption, while solving the technical challenges of migrating your legacy applications from existing environments to a cloud platform of your choosing.

Cloud Integration
Srisys supports the integration of core enterprise systems and technologies based on a solid strategy, focusing on the security, reliability and compliance aspects associated with cloud integration.
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